J2K / MPEG2 Conversion

The DCP (Digital Cinema Package) is now supported by all the digital cinema servers,
such as Doremi, Qube, Dolby, and GDC. A DCP which is created to follow the specification
set by DCI is a DCP which will play in digital cinema across the world.

We provide digital cinema server supported standard conversion and our conversion type is JPEG 2000 (J2K)/4K and MPEG.
And this format support with digital cinema servers, DOREMI, QUBE, PXD, GDC and DOLBY.

Source Guide Line

Flat (1.85) 1998(W) x 1080(H) 3996(W) x 2160(H) 1920(W) x 1080(H)
Scope (2.39) 2048(W) x 858 (H) 4096(W) x 1716(H) 1920(W) x 804(H)
Frame Rate Frame Rate – 24 FPS
Audio File Wav,mp3 and any others
Video File Quick time (mov), wmv, mp4 & others.

Cinema Slide – J2K | MPEG2 Format

For cinema slide advertising Customer can choose Static Mute slide and Static Audio slide.
Mute slide display your brand with given Image only and Audio slide display your brand Image with Voice.
Master DCM prepare cinema slide in J2K/MPEG2 format which is fully supported with DCI standard cinema server.
Master DCM supply cinema slide J2K/MPEG2 DCP supported to cinema chains like
PVR cinemas | INOX | Carnival Cinemas |Cinepolis | Fun Cinemas | DT Cinemas | SRS Cinemas
also other private Multiplexes and single screens cinemas

Ad Film (Video Ad) – J2K | MPEG2 Format

For video advertisement in cinema Customer have to provide video file of his brand and based on the video file
we prepare J2K/MPEG2 required format For video advertisement in cinema also
require Censor Certificate which is provided by Censor board.

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